Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Do You See Yourself?

If you really want to be more successful in life, you must be able to visualize (mentally see) yourself already having achieved your desired results before you get started. The more you see yourself already achieving your goals, the quicker you will achieve them. Think of visualization as a positive day dream that performs a very specific purpose.
I use positive visualization in all areas of my life. In fact, this was one of my best training secrets when I was fighting. I always visualized myself fighting & beating my opponents before getting into the ring with them. To my mind & body, I had already fought my opponent. This gave me a big advantage when I stepped into the ring because my mind & body acted & reacted as I had visualized.
I never start a new business venture without mentally seeing my end result first. And I always write this end result down as well as the action steps I will take to achieve those results. If you are having trouble achieving or sticking to your written goals, chances are you are not attaching positive visualization to them.
Remember this... where your mind (thoughts) go, your body, emotions & money follows. In other words, if you see yourself failing, you will. If you vividly see yourself winning, you will start winning. If you see yourself poor, you will either stay there or end up there. If you see yourself prosperous, you can achieve prosperity.
So the next time you hear someone say "It's the thought that counts" remember that this is very true. Then make sure that your thoughts are helping you achieve your goals instead of working against you.
Best of success, Chuck Norris