Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Will You Spend Today?

The most successful people in the world, have the same amount of seconds, minutes, hours in a day, that the unsuccessful have.
The difference between the two groups is that the successful people use their time differently. They think and act in ways that will lead them to successful results. They learn to work smarter based on past failures, lessons & success.
If you don't like your current lifestyle, here is a quick way to determine if you are maximizing your time to help positively change your situation.
For the next 7 days.... Before going to bed....
Write down everything you did that day & how much time you spent doing each activity.
Next.. make a list of things you should have done (and @ how long those activities would have taken) instead.
Then determine what activities you should not have wasted your time on, in order to accomplish those activities that would have improved your life.
If you do this in great detail, you will have a great blueprint for not only stop wasting time, but also filling your time with more activities that will help you accomplish your goals.
This is a very simple activity that can make a MAJOR positive impact on your success. So take it very serious. And don't procrastinate. Start today!
Best of success, Chuck Norris