Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3 Down 1 To Go! Are You Still In The Game?

Today is the first day of the last quarter of the year. So the BIG question is....
Do you have at least 3/4 of your 2013 goals completed?
If so... Congratulations! Either pat yourself on the back, or get someone to do it for you because you are one of the rare few who are on track.
If you are not on track, don't give up. Some of you have what it takes to not only get caught up, but also end the year ahead of your goals. And some of you may not be able to get totally caught up. But, you still have time to make great progress.
The key at this point to evaluate your past activities and the results you have received from them. Then look for activities, tools, systems, mentors etc. that can help you make adjustments. It is very important that you do this right away.
Will there be some discomfort and sacrifice on your part? Yes there will! But you must believe that achieving your goals are worth the price you will pay. And you must believe that you can and will pay that price... starting now!
Best of success, Chuck Norris